Greeting message

I welcome you all on behalf of our team !

It is nice to meet you here, people from around the world!

As Head of Development Department of Intellektus Network LTD (but you may also call me simply Marius) I have an active contribution first to my personal development and then to the development of this website.

I am a very lucky person and my luck helps the “opposing team” to have excellent results in both filing and defending in oppositions around the world!

Of course their expertise in legal argumentation and their and assiduous work helps a lot but my contribution is the biggest as i am a very happy person, willing to learn a lot of interesting new things and share it with you, as well.

As for us the client’s sattisfaction is very important, and we know how important is your trademark for you, me and my team will guide you through the procedures and argumentation so that you may enjoy the ”opposition” fight and/or just relax, upon your decision, but fell secure and have confidence during our cooperation.

We have solutions for all the types of clients: patent attorneys and lawyers, with whom we will share the strategy and argumentation, direct clients, who need a professional assistance, big and small, rich and poor (in money and due to the crisis, which is still felt in most of the world), aggresive and deffensive.

For us, most of the trademark opposition procedures are easy to solve. This is because we really have a big experience in this procedure and in both national and international legislation.

I wish you good patent attorneys and good luck!


Head of Development Department of Intellektus Network LTD